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SPM Games SPM 78 Saidina Traveller

SPM Games SPM 78 Saidina Traveller
SPM Games SPM 78 Saidina Traveller
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(SPM78) SAIDINA®, Malaysia’s own branded property trading game that play-buy properties in major cities around Malaysia. Enjoy hours of fun play-buying land, houses and hotels among friends or family. This edition as its name suggest is a travelling set. Small in size so that it can also be stored easily. Light weight enough to bring along during holiday trips or even to a friend’s house to play together. Suitable for ages 7 years old & above. Package Dimension : 37cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 19.5cm (H) Product Detail 1x playing board 1x set of Saidina money notes 1x set of Title Deed and Decision cards 1x set house and hotel tokens 2x dice 6x mover tokens in various colours 1x instruction manual

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